7 Most Common Inspirations of Interior Designers

As a student of interior designing, I always thought of decorating my home! However, I was always stuck at the very start.

Until one day, I stumbled upon a quote by well-known architect and furniture designer Charles Ames “The details are not the details. They make the design”.

The quote made me understand that the details of the designs that I was confused for, were the designs that I wanted to incorporate into my idea of decorating. All I had to do was just beginning!!

But how could I? I thought only in one particular manner, looked at things in one particular fashion.

That was when my trainer told me to broaden my perspective and asked me one simple question: “What inspires you to design?”

That’s when I began.

After endless reading and research and the want to design, I understood that if I have to “inspire myself”, I need first to stop “copying”!

That was when I found inspiration for my designs in nature, textures and even science.

7 Most Common Inspirations of Interior Designers

So here are 7 most common inspirations of Interior Designers that can get you started too:


It is one of the potential sources of inspiration for interior designing, the merger of the two can be seen time and again.

Designers can use vernacular architecture, modern minimalism, art deco and everything in between as their source of inspiration.


You will see a lot of designers embedding pictures into their ideas of decorating. Some pictures become the soul of the designs. They aim to narrate a story and connect with the emotions of the individuals that intend to utilize the space often.

Fashion and Jewelry:

Fashion and jewelry are known to be two of the greatest influences for interior designing. Many like seeing runway fashion work mirrored by interiors as it is best seen describing personal tastes.

The same applies to jewelry. Some sophisticated art decors gain their inspiration from beautiful jewelry. It is not just about the look, but also about the feel of products that many like to see in their interiors.


There are endless inspirational opportunities that designers can avail through nature and infuse them into their designs. Seasons, places or animal habitat, the list can go on.

So just in case, you feel that you lack inspiration, walk through a natural space, look around for textures, colors, and patterns. Small and beautiful details may catch your eye and prompt you to use them in your designs.


Travelling is a great way of inspiring your designs. You get a chance to add something new to your designs from the different places you get to see.

May be the art decorative that you got from your trip to Yemen can be added to the Middle-Eastern theme that you are planning to create for an upcoming restaurant.


Food is one of the most common inspirations for designing. Colors, ingredients, designs and presentations speak volumes when merged. They aim to involve smells, sights, and semblance of edibles into creating some pleasant ambiences.

Movies & Music:

Quite often grand sets, moving emotions, surreal fiction and fantasy and soothing music pave the way for a groundbreaking interior design.

Step into places that could give you a whole new perspective of design. Look for creative ideas in minutest of things and surprise yourself by the amazing potential you have hidden inside you.

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