Hello, how are you? First of all thank you very much for being inside the borders of this infinite construction of letters that I baptised WALKING AND DREAMING.

This space is born of a need to externalise internal feelings and beliefs, which can not find an outlet by mouth. Even though I have vocal cords and air everywhere, my mouth can not always speak. So since I have a certain ease from writing to writing (which does not mean I’m doing well), I decided to start this construction, which will undoubtedly be full of love, dreams, imperfections and contradictions.

Some years ago my life had a very strong shock: a loved one left the earthly world and went to another dimension. From there I made a click that took me to the road to travel in search of answers. I began to play the treasure hunt, even though it is not clear what it is, but with the certainty that it has nothing to do with the material.

So holding on to many positive beliefs, despite being an ignorant on long trips with little money, I felt that the universe would play in my favour if it communicated with my heart.

Throughout that trip, I found many magic and many magicians who taught me (and continue to do) to live with happiness, optimism and above all believing that good things happen and it is possible to smile every day renewing contract continuously with life.

In my travelling stage, I lived many real magic situations. Also when I was in contact with other “crazy” on the way, I heard countless more anecdotes, which give a firm testimony that magic exists. So based on this, also in stories that I see daily, or thoughts that I can think of, as I authorise myself to dream (and try to get closer to that), letters appear like bricks that help to build this space.

I long to be able to achieve in every environment of this “building” a place for noble feelings, love of life, optimism, happiness, reflection and genuine emotions. Feel the aromas of the stories at every step, and you can see the textures, that many dimensions are perceived, that above all it is warm and comfortable to take a walk around here. Like someone going to a grandmother’s house to eat something freshly baked and take some hot infusion.

Some time ago I feel that I must start to change my ways of working: to give my best hours of lucidity and energy of the day to an activity that does me good, that I contribute as a human being, instead of giving them to the obtaining of money Through a work that is not related to this (which, anyway, I am very grateful to have for now), but I think it has nothing to do with the essence of my life: I did not come to this world to make systems of computing. So maybe a day near to give me the pleasure of living from this construction of letters.

Thank you very much for this visit, I hope you enjoy every minute on and off the blog.

Immense hug